Volunteering is a perfect opportunity for you to develop your skills in a relaxed and flexible environment while being hugely beneficial to your community.

Volunteering is any form of work you do for free, giving your time and labour to organizations or individual people who might need help but can’t afford to hire somebody. Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community and support the people within it.

Volunteering is very popular with students as it’s easy to do around your school or university timetable; in fact, students in higher education are the most likely age group to volunteer! It can be as little a couple hours a week, and the duration of your volunteering is up to you.

Unlike a permanent job, you have much more flexibility when you want to start and stop doing it. Therefore, it is an excellent option if you don’t feel you have the time to commit to a job. However, volunteering is open to all kinds of people and can easily fit all sorts of schedules.

In 2018/19, 19.4 million people in the UK volunteered through a group, club or organisation, proving just how popular it is! Some of the most common types of volunteering include:

Charity Shops

There are plenty of charity shops up and down the country looking for volunteers to come and work with them for as little as an hour a week. With all proceeds of the shop going to their chosen charity, you play a crucial role in helping that charity complete its mission. Some of the most popular charity shops include Oxfam, Shelter, Mind, and Cancer Research. Information about volunteering can be found on their websites.

Inside your School/University

There can be many convenient and accessible volunteering options inside your school and university. These can be a great way to meet other people you are studying with and get more out of your education. Options can include running groups and societies for younger years such as art and drama, helping with sports clubs, and student newspapers.

Local Community

Many people opt to volunteer in their local area as groups and services that provide vital support for the community. These include food banks, childcare groups, creative groups for young people, and help with the elderly. This is an excellent option for people who want to volunteer locally and help the people in their community. Information can be found on community websites, on local government websites, and in community centres.

Some of the main benefits of volunteering include:


By volunteering, you are helping to make a difference in society and improving the lives of others who need extra care and support. It’s is an enriching experience and helps to develop your empathy and understanding towards others.


Volunteering is a great way to get experience in a job or industry that you might want to work in. You can get a feel for the job and decide if it’s for you without committing to a permanent position. While volunteering, you may discover your new passion and find a career you want to pursue!

Transferable skills

Time-keeping, teamwork, organisation, and communication are just some of the few skills you will develop while volunteering, which will help you as you enter the job market. These are great things to put on your CV and job applications to show employers that you are committed and already have experience in a working environment.


Volunteering can be a great way to meet other young people, especially those who might be interested in working in a similar industry to you and can become a very sociable and fun environment to work.