One of the most popular things to do on a gap year is to go travelling. Your trip can be any length that suits you, from a week in Europe to a ten-month, round the world adventure.

Travelling doesn’t have to be an extended holiday if you don’t want it to. You can work, volunteer, study, or take part in classes.

Covid-19 is having a significant impact on travelling laws across the globe. Make sure you check for regular updates before booking anything.

It would be impossible for us to list every single form of gap year, as the possibilities are endless, but we have compiled some of the most popular varieties of trips:

Round-the-world trips

Many people choose to work for the first part of their gap year to save up for travelling around the world. You can buy a ‘Round the world’ flight ticket which, depending on which one you buy, enables you to hop from country to country. If the whole world feels a little overwhelming, it’s a good idea to pick one continent or part of the world to focus on, such as Central and South America or the United States and Canada.

The larger the area you want to explore, the longer your trip will need to be, so make sure to keep a rough timeframe in mind when choosing your location.

When you have chosen where you want to go, you can begin to research different ways to spend your time. For example, in South and Central America there are many opportunities for conservation work and volunteering that you could get involved in.

Choose one country to explore

Another popular option is to choose one country, such as Australia, and spend an extended period there. This option means you only need to book flights in and out of one place, and you get the opportunity to get to know an area a bit better. This might be a great option if you only want to be away for a month or two.

Interrailing Europe

There is more and more information regarding the hazardous effects of aeroplane travel on the environment. If you want a more sustainable gap year option, interrailing around Europe is a great way to visit lots of countries on a budget while keeping your carbon footprint low.

Interrail offer loads of great deals on their passes, to suit whatever kind of trip you like. They offer: Global passes, with over 33 countries to choose from, and one country passes (Including Italy, Norway, Switzerland, Portugal, Poland, and many more). The pass allows you a certain amount of ‘travel days’ over a set period. So, you might buy a pass that will enable you to travel four times a month, meaning you could go to four different cities or countries.

Language courses

You might have chosen to take a gap year to develop a new skill, such as a language. In this instance, there are so many short courses available abroad that can combine studying with travelling. An immersive language course is a perfect way to learn a language because you are not just learning in a classroom; you are living in that country, developing your conversational skills every day. Many of these courses offer accommodation, providing a great way to learn a valuable skill whilst exploring a country.

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