Welcome to the Graduate Career Paths Hub; here, we have dedicated pages discussing each different graduate industry and what jobs are available within those. This section of our webpage is a directory of information for all things career paths.

We have split up our Hub into 20 different career industries, each with information about how you might arrive onto this path, such as through a particular degree or apprenticeship, what skills this career requires, and some of the different job avenues available in each industry.

For example, in our Healthcare page, you can find out what careers there are in the healthcare profession such as doctors and ambulance staff, what skills you need for those careers, i.e. interpersonal and communication skills, and then what jobs or programmes are open to graduates in that area.

Some degrees are more specific to a particular vocation, such as Medicine or Dentistry (although within each of these there is a myriad of different jobs), but some subjects relate less clearly to an industry or career path. Within each of our pages, you will find information on which degrees usually bring you into an industry, meaning you can find out the routes your career could take with a particular degree.

For example, a degree in English Literature develops your analysis, communication, empathy, reading and interpretation skills which could be useful for a variety of our listed career paths, like Law, Marketing and Advertising, Media and Teaching. We want to help you work out which path is right for you!

In many of these different career paths, you might see information on ‘Graduate schemes’, often known as grad-schemes. A grad-scheme is a structured-organised programme offered by a business or organisation which aims to recruit graduates and train them on-the-job. They often entice graduates with competitive salaries and the chance to progress through a career trajectory by offering experience in many different roles or departments. Grad-schemes are usually a set period, like a couple of years and are provided by both the public and private sector.

Some famous grad-schemes you might read about in our pages include ‘Teach First’ in Teaching and Barclays Graduate Programme in Accounting and Finance.

This Hub is aimed at those who are looking to find out about employment in different industries; if you want more information on training and education before you consider careers, visit our pages for Undergraduates or Postgraduates.

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