When deciding where to study abroad, the opportunities are limitless. Whether you are interested in staying within Europe or would prefer to take your studies to a different continent, there will be a location and a university suitable for you.

When deciding where to study abroad, students often prioritise choosing the country over the course. While it is important to decide on a country and city where you will be studying, be sure there is an institution offering a course suited your interests, and in a language you are comfortable with.

The most common factors considered by students when deciding on overseas study include:

  1. Experiencing a new culture or lifestyle
  2. Making new friends, colleagues, and expand their professional network
  3. Learning a new language
  4. Having an adventure
  5. Developing their confidence
  6. Accessing a high quality of education

The top three overseas destinations for students in the UK are France, Spain and the USA, which collectively account for 36% of all British mobile students. Also ranked within the top ten countries popular among UK students are Germany, Australia, Canada, Italy, Netherlands, China and Japan.


France has a lot to offer to students keen to immerse themselves in a new culture, with food and wine at the forefront. Paris represents what France is famous for: fashion, religion, art and romance. If you are less keen on a Parisian urban style of living, there are several other cities popular among students including Lille, Toulouse, Lyon and Grenoble.


Spain is a great choice for adventure seekers: trek from the mountains to the ocean in Valencia; explore the countryside of Andalusia; browse the array of museums and galleries in Barcelona or experience the famous nightlife of the Spanish Balearic Islands. Moreover, with Spain’s oldest university founded in 1218, the education opportunities are excellent.


Stretched between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, studying in the USA provides a unique experience in each state. Whether you want to soak up the sun on the beaches of California or work your way up to Wall Street in New York City, there is somewhere to suit everyone. Additionally, the USA is an attractive choice for many students because of the excellent access to high-quality teaching. Indeed, five of the world’s top ten ranked universities are located in the USA.


One of the most attractive factors drawing international students to Germany is the opportunity to be educated at a world-class university without paying tuition fees. If you are interested in Germany, the cities of Munich, Berlin or Frankfurt could be the perfect place to take your studies.


With nine distinctive regions and twenty UNESCO world heritage sites, including the Great Barrier Reef and the Sydney Opera House, Australia is an excellent option for those looking for an adventure. Ranked third highest in the world for access to high-quality education, Australia’s top universities are located in the cities of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.