From enhancing your global network to being immersed in a new culture, the benefits to both your education, career and personal life are significant.

If you are considering studying abroad but still feel unsure, take the time to consider the range of benefits this experience could provide. Some of these may be less obvious than others and could help you decide if overseas study is the right option for you.

Develop your language skills

Accounting for over a third of all UK students that study abroad, the most popular subject area for overseas study is languages and linguistics. If you are currently undertaking a UK-based language degree, the chances are your university will require you to spend a year of your degree in a country that speaks the language you are studying. If you are not at a UK university and are considering taking an entire language degree aboard, this is an excellent opportunity to be thrown in at the deep end and push yourself to be the best you can be.

Studying abroad is also the perfect opportunity to improve your language skills regardless of the type of degree you are studying. You will have the chance to meet fellow students, staff and local people in your new community which will help you learn the language of the country in which you are studying. Furthermore, having excellent language skills is a hugely desirable feature of interest to employers.

Experience an alternative teaching style

After spending many years in the UK education system, whether that be at school, sixth-form, college or in higher education, you may feel ready to experience a new style of teaching. Learning to adapt to different styles of education can help you with adjusting to different management styles, and make you more versatile in the workplace.

Impress potential employers

Studying abroad is a desirable attribute for any candidate. Employers consider people that have studied abroad to be open-minded, resourceful, confident and have the drive they need to succeed in the workplace. Having international experience is also a critical factor that makes people who have travelled and studied overseas ideal candidates.

Learn about a new culture

The best way to experience a different culture is by immersing yourself in it. By studying abroad, you will learn about new perspectives and develop cross-cultural awareness. You may meet a variety of people from different backgrounds, experience new foods, learn a new language or discover new traditions.

Improve your confidence

One of the main reasons studying abroad can benefit your personal life, and career prospects is through developing your confidence. By jumping in at the deep end and immersing yourself in a new country and culture, you will develop valuable life skills required for personal growth. The skills you develop while studying abroad, including independence, adaptability, leadership, communication and cross-cultural awareness, will help you gain the confidence needed to excel within a workplace.

Study at a top-ranking university

The UK is well-known for its outstanding quality of education providers. The University of Oxford, The University of Cambridge, University College London and Imperial College London are ranked in the top ten universities worldwide. However, this means that six of the top ten universities in the world are abroad. Studying abroad could be the perfect opportunity for those that strive to be educated by the best in the world, but are keen to experience an educational setting outside of the UK.