It is a fact that every business has varying strengths, weaknesses and requirements. But whatever size and shape your business may be, we want to demonstrate the benefits of employing a student or graduate into your workplace.

There are three main employer categories: Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s), Large enterprises and businesses within the Public Sector. Your business or organisation fits into one of these categories depending on how many staff you employ and your annual turnover.

Larger enterprises may have more to offer students and graduates in terms of formal graduate schemes. However, many SME’s are recognising the power of hiring university leavers, keeping money in the local economy while introducing a fresh perspective to their business. Funded by the taxpayer, the public sector has long been recognised as a great area to work, as there is less of a focus on making revenue and profit. Nevertheless, it can be challenging for students to identify the pathways that lead to the public sector. And it can be equally as hard for employers to find graduates with the right practical skills.

There are multiple routes a graduate can follow to employment. Options available include apprenticeships, internships, work-placements, work-experience and traditional jobs. This means it can be an arduous process for employers like you to know how to find and entice the best graduates in the country. Therefore, it is our aim to offer advice on how to find the most suitable candidates and encourage you to see the benefits students and graduates can bring to your business.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses are facing economic uncertainty and enormous new challenges you may never have expected to encounter. So, while this might not feel like the right time to hire, graduate employees might be able to bring new perspectives, fresh skills and up-to-date knowledge to help your business through this challenging time.

For more information on hiring students and graduates, have a read about funding.

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