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Starting university during COVID-19

Going to university can be a daunting transition at the best of times, but students set to start university this autumn face challenges that nobody could have predicted. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many lectures and seminars online. As well as limiting socialising to bubbles formed within your university halls ...

Wednesday October 21 2020|Categories: General Tips, Students|

National Colleges Week 2020

National Colleges Week 2020 will take place between Monday 19th October and Friday 23rd October across the UK. It’s a chance for further education, sixth form and specialist colleges to celebrate their success. As well as showcasing how they contribute to their communities. Colleges across the UK want the world ...

Friday October 16 2020|Categories: Latest News, Students|

What can I do with my teaching degree?

There are many exciting and rewarding jobs in education that don’t necessarily involve becoming a traditional teacher. If you have a degree in education, but no longer want to be a teacher, look no further. We have collated some alternative jobs and careers that might interest you. It’s not unusual ...

Friday October 16 2020|Categories: Graduates|

Unemployed after graduating?

Developing a Student hosts a variety of helpful information related to careers, employment and university. However, we understand that many students and graduates across the UK are facing an unemployment crisis. On the 15 September 2020, the BBC reported that the youth unemployment rate is the highest it has been ...

Wednesday October 14 2020|Categories: Graduates|

Graduate careers in Healthcare

A career in healthcare is a great way to utilise your compassion, dedication and determination to help others and promote the wellbeing of the public. In 2018 nearly 2 million people worked in the healthcare sector across the UK, proving just how popular a career within the industry is. There ...

Monday October 12 2020|Categories: Graduates|
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