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Graduate jobs: The charity sector

Many graduates are looking for a job that will have a tangible impact on society and their community. For many people, it's essential that their work helps others, and contributes to the greater good. The charity sector is a great place to do this. From the climate crisis to food ...

Thursday April 8 2021|Categories: General Tips, Graduates|

Understanding the Kickstarter Scheme

The Kickstart Scheme is a government job scheme announced in the summer of 2020. The scheme aims to prevent long-term unemployment in those aged 16-24 by providing 6-month work placements. This guide will break down what both employers and students, and graduates need to know about the Kickstart Scheme. Our ...

Tuesday April 6 2021|Categories: Employer Advice, Students|

How Can Parents Support Graduates?

It can be hard for parents to know how to support their child after they graduate. As thousands of young people across the UK know, this is a very challenging year to graduate or be finishing university. With high graduate unemployment levels causing even more competition for jobs, many young ...

Tuesday March 30 2021|Categories: General Tips, Graduates, Parents|

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