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What types of student jobs are available?

For students, graduating is one of the most exciting parts of their academic life. But with student debt on the rise in many countries, student jobs are a good option for recent graduates to gain valuable financial skills and save money during what can be considered an expensive time. There ...

Thursday September 16 2021|Categories: Careers Advice|

What to Consider: Student Study Abroad Programmes

Studying abroad is a great part of student life, and an experience that many people find brings them excitement, independence, and a chance to experience a new part of the world. If you are considering a student study abroad programme, there are a few things you need to consider first.  For ...

Monday September 6 2021|Categories: Students|

Preparing for Results Day

Getting your school and college exam results can be an extremely stressful and daunting day. It is the day you find out whether you have got into college, university, an apprenticeship, or even a job. This can add lots of pressure to the day and leave students anxiously waiting to ...

Monday August 9 2021|Categories: Students|

Graduate Jobs: Social Care

Welcome back to our graduate jobs series, where we delve into a specific sector and have a closer look at some of the graduate roles available in that industry. Previously, we discussed the education sector and the charity sector; today, we are focusing on social care. Have a read below ...

Monday July 26 2021|Categories: Careers Advice, General Tips, Students|

Dealing with Graduate Job Rejection

It has been a challenging year for graduates; there have been some of the highest unemployment rates the UK has ever seen. Numerous lockdowns have left graduates uncertain about which industries will remain open and which won't. For recent graduates in this period, it has been extremely challenging to stay ...

Monday July 12 2021|Categories: Careers Advice, Graduates|
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