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First-Generation Students going to University

With more and more young people choosing to go to university, the number of first-generation students is increasing. While government loans and university bursaries attempt to level the playing field, not everyone has the same opportunities and support when considering university. What are first-generation students?  You are a first-generation student ...

Monday January 18 2021|Categories: Students|

Jobs for Undergraduates

Having a part-time job at university is a great way to keep busy, earn extra money, and meet new people. While it may feel daunting taking on additional responsibility, they are so many flexible jobs for undergraduates that can suit your schedule. The kinds of part-time jobs that best suit undergraduate students ...

Tuesday January 12 2021|Categories: Students|

What is Teach First?

Teach First is a two-year programme which takes high-flying graduates with no prior classroom experience, and turns them into qualified teachers. It is the largest teacher training programme in the UK. It is best known for its challenging structure of only five weeks of training before starting in a school. ...

Tuesday January 5 2021|Categories: Graduates|

Graduate Jobs in HR

HR stands for Human Resources and refers to the department of an organisation that manages and supports employees' administrative needs. It encompasses a wide range of skills and is an essential element to all business. Graduate jobs in HR are very popular and often form part of management or recruitment ...

Thursday December 24 2020|Categories: Graduates|

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