Welcome to the Developing a Student Document Library. This is the place you can find CV and Cover Letter templates as well as tips on essential documents that you might need to produce or know about during the process of studying, applying for jobs.

It’s essential that when you produce these documents, they are to your best possible standard, as they are often the first taste an employer or institution gets of you. If the job or course you are applying to is going to use writing, presentation and communication skills, an employer will be using your cover letter as an example of your work. They will be checking for your grammar and tone, as well as the content and examples that you give.

On our pages for CV and Cover Letter, we have given our best tips for concise writing that is clear and focused so the person reading your documents can find the information they are looking for straight away. When applying for a job, you want to make it as easy as possible for the employer to see your skills relevant to the position as this way they will immediately know whether you are right for the role. Our helpful guides can show you how to do this, giving you a better chance of having your CV considered.

At times, these employment and application documents can be complicated for students who are used to writing essays and extended pieces of writing at university, as it is such a different style of writing. Unlike essays, cover letters require straightforward and short sentences which indicate experience or job you have had and why it is relevant. Visit our page to find out how to adapt your writing style.

Our CV and cover letter templates can be used to make this writing process even more comfortable.

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