As an employer, there are many ways to recruit a student or graduate in your workplace. This can be through an internship, a work placement or by recruiting a graduate. We know that researching these opportunities can be a lengthy process, which is why we have compiled all the relevant information for you on our site.

To start, have a read of the many benefits to recruiting a student or graduate.

For those looking to find out how they could save money through government schemes, such as the Kickstart Scheme, see our guide to all appropriate and current government funding.

Every local council or organisation has its own schemes for helping young people, which means it’s helpful to keep up to date with the support in your local area.

Deciding to recruit a student or graduate can be a rewarding opportunity for your company. You can help young people to develop the skills they need to succeed and forge a long term career, whilst helping your business thrive.

Employing a Student or Graduate

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