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The one-stop resource for students, graduates and employers

Developing a Student

The one-stop resource for students, graduates and employers

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Welcome to Developing a Student, the website dedicated to assisting all students and graduates.

With many graduates on our team, we know first-hand the difficulties of finding employment in today’s crisis-hit market, especially as someone with little work experience. By building the ultimate guide for potential career and education paths, be that an internship, a degree apprenticeship or a graduate job, we have grouped all the information you need into one place.

Given the fast pace of today’s economy, we want to make sure you always feel confident when taking your next step. That’s why we are constantly updating our guides, such as where your degree could take you, and where to find help in your area.

By connecting businesses with students and graduates from across the UK, we can make sure that no one misses an opportunity to fulfil their future potential again.

Did you know?


The average cost for hiring a graduate is estimated to be £3,383 – a figure we could cut in half (source: GRB)


27% of young people outside of education are expected to be unemployed by the end of the year (source: BITC)


Over half a million young people are currently claiming Universal Credit, a figure that has over doubled in the last few months (source: BBC)


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