Developing a Student aims to provide information, tools and guidance to both job seekers and employers.  Our guidance centres on education, employment and careers, making sure that students are equipped with advice and knowledge for every stage of their career journey.

Here at Developing a Student, we are dedicated to providing you with key information, job updates and opportunities to assist you with your next step on your career path. We have compiled a guide presenting all opportunities currently accessible to students and graduates including options such as a degree apprenticeship, an internship, a graduate job, a summer job and more.

  • Why We Created Developing a Student

    After recognising the detrimental impact of COVID-19 on the UK’s economy, and the sharp rise in youth unemployment, we knew that there needed to be more practical support for students and graduates. With the Resolution Foundation reporting that the effects of recessions have a greater impact on those who have recently left or will soon leave full time education, we wanted to provide a practical space where young people can find both information and opportunities. This website will help students and graduates to decide on a career path that is right for them, despite the uncertain economic crisis we are living in.

    In 2020 the Institute for Student Employers reported that graduate recruitment was already down by 12% compared to 2019, highlighting how the economic fallout of Covid-19 fell immediately on those who were attempting to enter the UK’s labour market. Many students are now deciding to stay in education and ‘ride out the storm’, which is reflected in Prospects’ report that 38% of final year students have opted to stay in further education.

    Although the graduate market has taken a big hit, there are still opportunities out there. It is reported that in 2020  internship opportunities rose by 30% with many companies introducing virtual internships in place of traditional ones. Alongside this, apprenticeships also provide another opportunity to further enhance skills and experience through gaining an official qualification and a job at the same time.

    With an abundance of confusing information out there, we realised the benefit of providing a one-stop-shop for all your careers and employment needs. We are a company with numerous graduates on our team, and so we understand first-hand the difficulty of finding employment in the current climate.

    That is why we are dedicated to ensuring all young people can fulfil their potential, and find their next step.

  • How You Can Stay Up To Date

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