Attending a careers fair is a useful and practical method of student and graduate recruitment.

Gain access to a large number of candidates

There are numerous reasons why it is advantageous for employers to participate in a careers fair, but the main benefit is the opportunity to gain access to a large number of candidates in a single setting, over a short period. Often described as speed dating for recruiting, attending a careers fair will give your company the chance to meet and engage with hundreds of young people, the vast majority of whom are actively seeking employment. Therefore, this method of recruitment is both cost and time-effective for your business.

Increase brand awareness

Attending a careers fair is also important for increasing brand awareness by providing your business with the chance to encourage talented students to consider you. The main reason students attend a careers fair is to research the companies and organisations that appeal to them. The opportunity for face-to-face interactions with job seekers allows you to promote your business in a friendly and engaging way.

Before the event, the host organisation will most often advertise your company name, logo, and website through marketing material, including fliers, via email and their website. For events hosted by universities, this will mean your business is advertised to tens of thousands of students and recent graduates. Increasing brand awareness amongst university students will help your business gain interest and applications from qualified and talented individuals.

The opportunity to increase brand awareness is a huge motivator for smaller companies and businesses to participate. This is a unique chance to get your company name alongside the larger corporations and more regular attendees. Attending a university-based careers fair will allow your small business to be considered over the more popular, larger corporations that recent and soon-to-be graduates typically know more about.

Meet a wide variety of candidates

Careers fairs also provide employers with the opportunity to meet with less traditional candidates. While most businesses will have a firm idea of the talent profile they are seeking for a particular role, the chance to speak to a variety of candidates may help your business find individuals with qualifications less conventional but with the experience and skills required to exceed in your company.

By meeting potential candidates in person, your team members will be given a chance to discuss individuals’ experiences, talents, and competences. Candidates that have obtained a degree in a field directly related to your industry, such as business management or computer science, may be a typical choice for your company. Providing your recruiters with the opportunity to meet a diverse range of candidates at a careers fair may help your business consider graduates who hold degrees that may seem less obvious for the role, such as art or design students, but may have rich and diverse skillsets.

Great opportunity to network

Without a doubt, it is also a great chance to meet and network with other companies in a diverse range of industries. Your team members will enjoy and benefit from the opportunity to meet face to face with other professionals in their field, and in a broader range of industries.

Networking with other professionals could help your business learn from and understand the incentives other companies offer to prospective candidates. Gaining a better understanding will help direct strategies to entice students and graduates towards your business and away from your competitors.

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