The summer holidays provide the perfect opportunity for you to secure yourself a part-time job. A summer job can provide a whole host of benefits including being paid, gaining further work experience, developing new skills, networking and getting a taste of the working world.

With so many different summer job opportunities out there, we have compiled a list of the top recommended summer jobs and the skills they can help to develop. Depending on your studies and your future career aspirations, you can decide which one would best suit you.

Top Recommended Summer Jobs

  • Summer Camps

    There is a multitude of different summer camps that run every year in the UK, with sports, language, film and IT to name a few. Summer camps are a great, fun way to spend your holidays whilst earning money and gaining experience (and most even provide staff with accommodation and food too).

  • Retail jobs

    Retail jobs span across a wide range of businesses; including anything from supermarkets, fashion, electronics or bookstores, the amount of choice is vast. Many retailers will offer flexible working hours and provide full training suitable for your role. Usually being a fast-paced environment, you will be able to develop several transferable skills relating to multitasking, customer service, organisation, teamwork and initiative.

  • Festivals and events

    Festivals and events provide a vast variety of different job opportunities, from stewarding and parking attendants, to bar work and selling merchandise. The main benefit of working at a festival means you can gain work experience whilst being at the heart of the event. Many companies present these roles as volunteering but either way, you can develop skills such as teamwork, communication and customer service skills, all important to future employers.

  • Theme parks

    Similar to festivals and events, theme parks provide numerous roles to choose from, including ride attendants, entertainment, food and beverage assistants and cleaning. Many parks offer part-time or full-time positions, with varying shift times and provide full training for your role. Alongside adding to your work experience and skill development, many parks offer discounted or free entry to parks, allowing you to have fun alongside gaining valuable experience.

With many of these industries still feeling the damaging effects of Covid-19, there may be less summer job opportunities than usual this year. But don’t panic, there are other forms of work experience such as a virtual internship or volunteering for a charity.