At Developing a Student, we aim to assist students and graduates in any way we can. We recognise that this also involves guiding their support systems, including their parents and university tutors or lecturers.

Going to university can involve a wide array of hurdles for a student to overcome. Most of the time, these hurdles are learning experiences that the student should conquer themselves, such as time management and communication skills. However, especially at first, a student may often need a helping hand or pointing in the right direction. Their first port of call will usually be their close family and academic tutors or lecturers.

Even when a student looks to a friend or colleague, it is beneficial if they have the tools and guidance needed to provide that support.

Some students struggle more than others with the transition. Although the average dropout rate in the UK has dropped to 6.3%, it could be even lower. We believe that offering all the guidance and support we can to parents and tutors or lecturers will help to improve students experiences of university.

In turn, this will reduce the likelihood of them leaving early, and increase their academic performance. Knowing how difficult today’s job market is, every inch of success in the early years of a student’s career can make you stand out to employers.

For parents, the main support you can provide comes before university begins, particularly with the application process. However, they will need a significant amount of guidance, such as understanding how the degree they choose could translate into a career. To see this guidance, go to our dedicated page for parents.

For university tutors and lecturers, you may see the students a lot, but it can still be difficult to break through. In turn, you often have to teach large numbers of students at once, so knowing what everyone needs is near impossible. Your best bet is to tailor your support and teaching so that everyone can approach and access it in the way that suits them. For more details, visit our dedicated support and information for tutors and lecturers.

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