Part-time work could be a great option for you during your gap year. Part-time working is a fulfilling and proactive way to spend your spare time and help structure your year out, and you can even work to a schedule that best suits you.

If you chose not to travel in your gap year but remain at home or in the UK, you might still want to consider part-time working. This would be the right option for you if there were something else you wanted to commit to during the week, for example, volunteering.

This might be a two/three day a week volunteering scheme where you have the other days free for working. There are many volunteering opportunities in each local community, from things like school and care homes to charity work and animal care. Volunteering is an impressive way to give back to your local area and explore career options while you do so.

Another reason you may want to work part-time for the whole of your gap year is to take on a short course. There are plenty of short courses out there, from languages to art, theatre and drama, cookery or sports camps. These are a brilliant way to gain a new skill and productively use your time. This will stand out on any university or job application as it shows you use your free time constructively and effectively.

You may also take a part-time job for just a small chunk of the year, which would allow you to travel or study abroad in the remaining part. If you are financially supported throughout your gap year, you may not need to work full-time to fund your trip or time abroad. Meaning you may have more options when looking for work. Many employers offer part-time hours to fit young people’s busy schedules in places such as bars, cafés, restaurants, and shops.

One excellent option for part-time work is childcare or tutoring. You can sign up for several websites or advertise in your local schools and youth groups to find parents who need extra help with childcare.

This is an excellent option as you can find flexible hours; some families will need help in the evenings while others need childcare during school holidays. Speak to the people in your local area and find out if they are looking for a child-minder or somebody to help with reading and writing. This is an especially good idea if you want to work with children or in the care profession after your gap year.

A final consideration when looking for part-time work on your gap year is whether you would be suited to a flexible working pattern. For example, if you do not want to travel for an extended period, but might want to explore different places in and outside the UK for a week or a weekend at a time, you can look for work that suits this schedule. There are short-term office temp jobs available that provide two or three weeks of work in a company at a time, between which you could time out to travel.

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