At Developing a Student, we aim to provide you with the best support and guidance concerning finding employment after graduation.

We understand how competitive the job market can be. Therefore, we have decided to compile a group of useful resources to help you stand out from the crowd when taking your next step.

We aim to continue to develop the number of resources over time to supply you with the best assistance possible, but as it currently stands, we have:


We have put together a glossary containing basic definitions of potentially complicated words or phrases used on the site. This is to make sure you 100% understand what is being spoken about with no confusion.

If you are looking for other helpful resources, check out the Student Document Library or our Parent and Lecturer Information Hub.

In these sections, we have assembled documents such as a CV and covering letter template, guidance for parents and support for lecturers.

If you are looking for any additional support or guidance that you believe others would find beneficial also, please share your suggestion with us through clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.

We will endeavour to respond to your feedback and suggestions as quickly as possible to implement any additional resources required. To ensure you stay up to date with any changes or new information, sign up to our newsletter.


Useful Resources