As an employer, a careers fair is one of the best ways to engage with a qualified pool of candidates, some of whom are actively looking for work, and others who are considering their options for the future.

Companies should utilise a careers fair by doing their best to stand out against other businesses and entice the best candidates for their vacant roles.

Take a look at the following tips to help your business make the most of an upcoming career fair and attract talented students and graduates:

Be prepared

  • Choose your team

    Recruiters and human resources staff are ideally placed to present your business in the best light and initiate discussions with potential candidates. New employees are also great to help explain to interested individuals why they joined your business and the incentives that enticed them to join. If your company is attending a careers fair at a university, be sure to send members of staff that are alumni to provide interested students with a relatable talking point.

  • Know your target audience

    Ensure the team members representing your business are aware of the roles you have available, and the type of people you are looking to recruit. Current students will be looking for opportunities for 1-2 years in the future, internships, or summer jobs, while graduates will most likely be looking for roles starting in the near future.

  • Create an exciting and engaging stall

    An eye-catching stall may be what you need to stand out and attract potential candidates, especially if you are competing with similar companies. Your stall should contain all the necessary information for potential candidates, while not being overbearing. While it seems like a cliché, you may want to consider handing out freebies to eager students. This could be the talking point that entices attendees to your stall.

  • Print promotional materials to hand out

    Providing attendees with a printed brochure is excellent advertising for your company. It will help potential candidates become more familiar with your business and ensure you’re remembered after the fair has ended. Ensure all printed materials include contact details, information regarding available positions, and how to apply.

  • Decide if you’re accepting applications

    Be prepared to be asked by interested job seekers whether you are currently taking applications and if so, in what format. If you are actively hiring, ensure you are ready to accept CVs or direct interested applicants towards an online recruitment process.

During the fair

  • Be inviting, friendly and welcoming

    Careers fairs can be intimidating to job seekers, especially younger ones, so try to ensure your team is friendly and sociable. Providing name tags for your team members will help attendees feel more comfortable approaching your stall and initiating discussions.

  • Ask questions

    While a careers fair is an excellent opportunity for job seekers to search for the employers that are of most interest, they also act as an initial screening process for your business prior to the formal application. Ensure you have questions prepared to ask interested candidates, and for those that impress you, don’t forget to note down their contact details.

  • Speak to as many people as possible

    The main advantage of a careers fair is access to a considerable number of talented and qualified individuals. Be sure to utilise this and increase your chances of finding the right candidates by speaking to as many job seekers as possible.

  • Provide contact information

    Ensure to provide those interested with contact information before they leave and following on from the event, respond to enquiries as soon as possible.


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