We have numerous recent graduates on our team, so we know the challenges that all students face, from new arrivals, to newly graduated.

There are numerous challenges, both social and academic, that students will face. Knowing that they have a support system at home to fall back on can be the difference in the student’s success.

Even if you didn’t go to university, you may know the difficulties faced by young people leaving home for the first time. There is a support network at the university that you should encourage your child to access regarding academic challenges. However, by talking through the information and guidance on our site, you can make sure your child feels fully supported in their next steps.

General tips

We are always compiling information and guidance for students on this site. If you feel like you want to help your child understand the complicated world of universities, read through our dedicated support under the Guide For Students and Graduates.

No matter how exciting an adventure it is, going out on their own is never easy. If you can find time to talk them through some of the information on this website, they will find their own way.

For a better understanding of some of the more difficult terminology, read through our glossary.

Parents of students applying to university

There are lots of difficult elements to university. Getting there can feel like the most challenging part; however, there may still be a mass of uncertainty and level of change facing them in the future.

If you follow these simple tips, you can make getting your child to university as easy as possible.


Get your child to start considering their future as soon as possible. Some courses’ applications require completion up to a year in advance. The sooner your child knows what their options are and what they might want to pursue, the easier things will be down the line.

To assist you in this, we have compiled a guide to choosing a university, along with brief summaries about all the potential career paths. This will allow your child to see where their degree might take them, so they are more likely to choose one that is rewarding and that will see them reach their future potential.

If your child wants to go the extra mile, check out some careers fairs so they can get a good picture of what is to come. Those representing the present organisations will be more than happy to discuss their future with them.


Deadlines come and go. Make sure your child knows and plans towards them. The most significant difference between school and university is that no one will hold your hand anymore. If you aren’t organised and don’t manage your time well, the tutors and lecturers will not provide you with any allowances.

The application process is no different – make sure you have mapped out all upcoming deadlines. If you want your child to become a university student, you should expect them to act like one.

Understand the Costs

Moving to a new city and living on your own is far from cheap. Being independent and managing your own finances can be particularly overwhelming, so the more confidence and support you can give them the better.

We have compiled some information on the costs of going to university, and also a guide to navigating the student loan.

Although the student loan may seem like an astronomical mountain to climb, you must remember that interest is only in line with inflation until your child starts paying it back. Additionally, the amount that the loanee pays back is so minor that it is probably the cheapest loan out there.

So, if you are in a lower-income household, don’t let the idea of the student loan hold your child back from reaching their future potential.

We are looking to compile as many tools to help parents as we can. If you can think of anything that would assist you and your child, use the suggestion tool at the bottom of the page. We will create everything that you need as soon as we can, as our top priority is to support and assist.

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