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Benefits of Recruiting a Student or Graduate

Benefits of Recruiting a Student or Graduate2020-09-17T12:00:39+01:00

With around 2.38 million students enrolled in higher education in the UK in 2018/2019, there is an abundance of students and graduates who are eager to further their work experience or land their first post-graduate role.

Given the suggestion the economic fallout from Covid-19 will be greater than that of 2008, students and graduates are facing the toughest job market in years. There are fears there could be an additional 640,000 18-24-year olds facing unemployment in 2020 alone. With this in mind it is imperative businesses invest into ensuring the next generation are in the position to assist with the UK’s recovery alongside securing opportunities to progress their future careers.

But what are some of the benefits of employing a student or graduate?

  • Increased Motivation

    Graduates and students present a fresh work ethic and a positive outlook. Due to their many years within education, they will be enthusiastic and keen to gain experience to progress their career. Alongside this, employers frequently report that employing a student or graduate helps to increase productivity across the whole workforce.

  • Cost Effective

    Employing a graduate is not only cost effective due to the entry level salary you will be paying them, which is a lot cheaper than your average experienced workers’ salary, but it is also an investment in the return on their future potential. It is reported employers can expect a return on investment between 500% and 800%, due to the rapid increase in ability compared to increase in salary. This is why the Institute of Student Employers has outlined that graduates contribute around £1 billion to the UK economy annually.

  • Fresh Outlook

    Students and graduates can bring a fresh set of eyes into the business, providing different perspectives and a new lease of creativity. Given their recent departure from education, graduates can bring up-to-date innovative ideas and an understanding of new trends to the table. This will aid in diversifying the knowledge available in your organisation, and fill the ever changing needs of your customers.

    As reported by GRB, hiring a diverse workforce has been recognised as beneficial by 72% of private sector companies who saw the link between diversity and performance in their workplace.

  • Adaptability

    With the huge level of competition in the current market, students and graduates have had to adapt and persevere to stand themselves in the best stead possible for employment. As it is their first job, they will want to impress and may be more flexible in relation to company culture, open to more opportunities, and doing the best job possible. In addition to this, few young people have the same responsibilities and commitments outside of work, such as having families, making them more likely to have a flexible schedule.

  • Tech Savvy

    Today’s students and graduates have grown up surrounded by technology, possessing a high level of knowledge and ability to learn new skills and processes quickly. With Sage reporting almost a third of businesses who are technologically advanced are presenting more significant growth than those who are not, it is a skill that you can’t afford to overlook.

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