Careers fairs are a useful resource for both employers and job seekers to engage with and learn more from each other. They provide a chance for your business to tell attendees about your company and the opportunities you have available.

While it is true that well-known brands seeking talented graduates are regulars at careers fairs, employers of all sizes are encouraged to attend. Whether your company is actively hiring or simply looking to spread the word about your business, attending a careers fair is the perfect opportunity.

Where are they held?

Careers fairs are typically held within universities to allow their students easy access to potential employers. Attending a careers fair at a university will provide your business with access to talented, qualified, and eager students, keen to understand more about available opportunities following graduation.

Alongside university-run fairs, external companies such as Jobs Fair also organise careers fairs across the UK. Attending an external-run careers fair will give your business access to a wide range of candidates, some of whom may not have attended university.

What do they involve?

A careers fair will involve setting up a stand in a large hall with members of your team, usually recruiters and human resources staff alongside new employees. Attendees are encouraged to visit stalls of interest to them and informally chat and ask questions to team members representing the companies taking part.

This is an excellent opportunity to explain the positions available at your business and hand out promotional material to job seekers. Businesses will also have the chance to question interested candidates and scope out individuals that seem well suited to their company.

Virtual careers fairs

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, many careers fairs have moved virtually. While virtual careers fairs cannot facilitate face-to-face interactions with job seekers, they continue to be an essential resource for students and recent graduates seeking job opportunities during this challenging time.

Virtual careers fairs can be effective as a method of attracting students and recent graduates to your business despite being unable to meet with interested applicants in person. A range of virtual careers fairs are available, including those hosted by universities that aim to offer students disrupted by the pandemic extra support.

While there are different types of virtual career fairs, one of the most common forms is where attendees communicate with companies digitally through online messages or video calls. Companies are often given the chance to preselect candidates they are most interested in, based on their profiles and CVs. This will help to ensure your business connects with the individuals most relevant to you. As a result of this unique feature, the virtual careers fair process can be very time-efficient for both parties compared to a traditional setting.

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