How to Attract Graduates to Your Business

Written by Calvin Bowers

With the arrival of the new year, businesses may be considering hiring new staff. Many may be looking forward to their next cohort of early careers employees. If you are thinking about hiring graduates, there are some key ways in which you can stand out from the crowd and attract the best talent.

Why hire graduates? 

There are many benefits to hiring graduates. Not only are they technologically savvy and adaptable, but they also bring the kind of enthusiasm and fresh perspective that your organisation needs. Especially as we come out of a challenging and demanding year.

There are more unemployed young people than ever before, many of which are newly out of education and looking to channel their skills into work. If you think you might have an opportunity, placement, job or programme that can help students and graduates, head over to our opportunities board where you can find out more information about showcasing your roles.

Hiring graduates is a great way to ensure the future potential of your business. As such, more and more companies are investing in ‘earn and learn’ positions for employees who still have scope to train in their career. Hiring somebody at the start of their career allows for progression, transformation and development that you may not get with a more experienced candidate.

Our top tips for attracting graduates

Offer flexibility. 

When the global Covid-19 pandemic hit the UK in March 2020, we witnessed a substantial national shift towards remote working. This shift opened our eyes to the possibilities of a different working life and set a precedent for greater flexibility. If you want to make your roles more appealing to graduates, consider offering flexi-time and remote work. Many young people turn to jobs that allow for movement, and time to complete other training and projects.

Go to universities.

If you’re looking for graduates to work for your company, try going directly to them. Show them what you have to offer by introducing yourself directly. Many universities provide stalls at careers fairs, as well as opportunities for sponsoring societies and events.

Show them your ethos. 

Many students and graduates are prioritising working for companies that are committed to adding social value. If you want to attract graduates, you should consider publishing your commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or showing how your business values equality, diversity and inclusion. This will allow graduates to understand your company’s culture and recognise the value of the work you do.

Training and development.

As mentioned above, one of the most significant benefits of hiring graduates is the ability to develop with your business. Let graduates know that this is why you want to hire them by offering integrating training opportunities within the role. Graduates are expected to have multiple careers throughout their working life. Which means the greater the scope for learning and experimenting, the more appealing you will be.

For more information on hiring graduates, visit our guide for employers.

Last Updated: Friday January 15 2021
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