What are the Benefits of Hiring Graduates

Written by Calvin Bowers

There are so many benefits to hiring graduates in 2021. Many businesses across the UK facing substantial economic difficulty as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of this, you may think that this isn’t a suitable time to hire new staff. However, the thousands of graduates leaving university and joining universal credit, as well as those facing redundancy, prove that if you have the resources to do so, now is the time to hire a young person.

At Developing a Student, we know that the global pandemic has had a catastrophic impact on the career and employment prospects of our 16-25’s. We believe that if employers like you have the ability to help students and graduates during this time, we can get through this together. Leaving university and facing a bleak economy is the very challenging and disheartening reality of young people across the UK; one that we are trying to change.

Graduates bring energy, creativity and enthusiasm to any business. Here are our top five benefits to hiring a graduate:

Doing your bit. Many people have struggled with feelings of helplessness over the last few months. As the world has ground to a halt and the ever-growing burden on our public sector increased, it’s natural that people wanted to do their bit to help this crisis. While not all of us can provide medical assistance on the front line, one thing you can do is considering hiring a student or graduate. Giving young people a chance to learn, earn and grow during this unprecedented year is one of the greatest things you can do. If you aren’t in a position to take on a full-time employee, consider offering some work experience, or an internship instead.


  • Up to date skills and education. Coming straight out of education means that graduates have the most up to date knowledge and skills related to their specialist field. This can be an excellent opportunity for your business to learn and grow with the changing landscape of your industry, whether that’s with technological advancements or with new perspectives and voices.


  • Motivation to learn. The chances are that any graduate joining your business will be in their first professional job. This brings an enthusiasm to learn and to soak up as much new knowledge as they can. If there is a new venture or project you want to try with your business, hiring a graduate could be a great place to start. In general, young people are incredibly adaptable and enjoy taking on new challenges.


  • Cost-effective. Graduates will join your business on an entry-level salary, which is often significantly less than an experienced employee’s salary. Not only this, hiring a graduate is an investment in the future potential of your business. As the opportunities for them to train and progress through the company means that you are ensuring a return on their employment in the future.


  • Revitalise your staff. Hiring a graduate can be a great way to bring a fresh outlook to your team and revitalise your current staff members. This has been a tough year for everybody, and a dip in productivity, motivation and wellbeing is to be expected. You could counteract this by bringing in a new staff member who is ready to learn and grow with the business.

To find out more information on hiring students and graduates, visit our dedicated guide for employers.

Last Updated: Wednesday December 9 2020
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