Where to find student work experience

Written by Calvin Bowers

Employers, universities, and colleges consistently promote the value of student work experience. There is no better way to prepare for a job than having a go at it first-hand. However, for less well-connected students or can’t find a placement through their parents, finding work experience can be a real challenge.

We believe that every student deserves the opportunity to experience the world of work. And this is true no matter where they come from and what exposure they have to the world of work. We have put together this guide to help students find a range of student work experience placements.

Student work experience options

  1. Speak to your school, college or university

More often than not, the school or college running the work experience will have connections and relationships to partner companies who may offer placements. Often employers offer a certain number of placements to schools every year. This can be an excellent option for students as the employer and your school have already come to an agreement, and you don’t have to go out on your own. Your school may have opportunities in many companies such as law firms, finance companies, and marketing agencies.

  1. Search big companies such as the BBC

Perhaps to some people’s surprise, some of the largest and most well-known companies in the UK offer work experience placements. You can easily find out whether a company offers work experience by searching them online. They will usually list any opportunities they offer under the careers section of their website. While work experience isn’t usually a paid opportunity, some of these larger organisations cover expenses and travel costs.

  1. Ask at any local clubs or groups you are part of

Have a think about your hobbies and interests and whether there could be any opportunities for work experience. This is a great way to find local student work experience, maybe even with people you already know. Plus, you will be doing something you love. Maybe you are part of a football team or go horse riding at the weekend, all of these places may be able to offer you some experience.

  1. Local shops and Café’s

If you live in an area with a local high street, you should consider going into your local shops and café to see if they can offer work experience. As it will be no cost to them and an extra pair of hands, they might be thrilled to have you. They may also be interested in being involved as it would help them become more of a part of the local community.

  1. Charity shops and other volunteering opportunities

Another great way to find student work experience is by considering volunteering opportunities and standard employment opportunities. You could help out at a local charity shop or give your time to a children’s group at the library. You will be able to find volunteering opportunities by searching online. As well as keeping an eye on local posters and newsletters.

Keep an eye on our opportunities board, we regularly update it with new jobs for students and graduates.

Last Updated: Thursday May 20 2021
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