What types of student jobs are available?

Written by Calvin Bowers

For students, graduating is one of the most exciting parts of their academic life. But with student debt on the rise in many countries, student jobs are a good option for recent graduates to gain valuable financial skills and save money during what can be considered an expensive time. There are many student jobs available these days, though some will require students to already have experience relevant to the position they are applying for.

Below you will find some student job types that should give those graduating or looking for student jobs an idea of what may be available.

Retail Student Jobs

This type of student job generally involves working as part sales assistants, cashiers or customer service representatives in stores such as supermarkets, pharmacies and stores or even online selling opportunities like eBay. Retail student jobs can give students valuable training in customer service and general finance skills.

Administrative Assistance Student Jobs

These student jobs include any administrative positions such as executive assistants, entry-level administrative coordinators, office assistants and data entry clerks. This type of student job gives graduates the opportunity to build their professional resumes with relevant experience, which is especially important when it comes time for graduate job applications.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Student Jobs

Accounting student jobs are a great way to gain financial expertise that can be used throughout future employment. Whether working as a bookkeeper or an accounts receivable clerk, accounting student jobs are offered by many different companies including small businesses, large corporations and even government agencies.

Hospitality Student Jobs

Student jobs can also be found in the hospitality industry, which is always in need of student employees. This student job type includes positions such as servers, host staff and even hotel clerks for front desk or concierge services. One advantage that this student job has is flexible hours – students often work nights or weekends, times when other student jobs are scarce.

Customer Service Student Jobs

A student job in customer service involves helping customers with any enquiries they may have about a product or service offered by a company. Many companies hire student workers right out of school to begin building a resume full of experience while gaining valuable skills relevant to their future careers.

Part-time Student Jobs on Campus

Hundreds of undergraduate employees work annually on campus in various jobs that suit an academic schedule. You can apply to be a Student Ambassador supporting University events and get involved in the University Departments. Students’ Unions also employ students in part-time work each year in positions such as retail hospitality and catering.

Most work is in term time but double-check because you may have to do some work on weekends. If you want to work in a given department, you should contact your Students’ Union immediately for information about the job available. In most roles, you will need to send a personal email and a cover letter explaining why you want the job and what you can offer. There may also be a mailing list you can join so opportunities will be sent directly to you.

University Internships

University Internships provide you with the best opportunity to gain knowledge and get experience in many fields. Apart from building key skills in communication, time management, problem-solving, creativity, adaptability, teamwork, and commercial awareness, you will get the chance to expand in your own professional network and become a more confident individual.

Part-time Student Jobs

Part-time student jobs are easy to find, and you only need to search online or ask your friends, classmates, colleagues and professors at the university if they know of anything. Work in retail is plentiful so this student job is perfect for anyone looking for some part-time employment. Also, student jobs in food service can be found easily as well. The internet also has student job opportunities that can be mailed directly to you once a position becomes available.

This student job type includes anyone who works during their studies at universities or colleges like a student-teacher or doctorate student. Also, part-time student jobs are very flexible with student schedules and you can work as many hours a week as your student schedule allows.

Paid Internships

An internship is a student job offered to recent graduates who can gain work experience. They are designed to develop students’ skills while allowing them to learn from professionals in their desired field. It prepares students for an entry-level position by providing future employers with hands-on training and experience. Sometimes, internships may turn into full-time employment after graduation or student jobs that continue beyond the school year. So, when you’re looking for student jobs, think about internships because there’s a possibility it could lead to more opportunities down the road!


Placements are student jobs in which you gain practical experience by working at a company, business or organisation with the goal of gaining work-related knowledge and skills. You should look for placements because they may lead to full-time employment once you graduate. The key is to ensure the student job provides a high-value experience that will look good on your resume.

Volunteering Student Jobs

Volunteering student jobs are perfect for students who want to gain valuable work experience while giving back to the community. Your student job as a volunteer can include a variety of things, such as tutoring children, running fund-raisers or simply helping out at events and charity shops. And like other student jobs, student volunteer opportunities are often flexible with student schedules. So when applying for student jobs, think about student volunteering because your student job will look good on your resume!

Upskilled student jobs

With the world’s rapidly changing business environment, vast knowledge of upskilled areas such as Cloud Computing, HTML5 Applications, Data Analytics and Big Data is needed to be competitive in today’s student job market. Students can receive qualifications online through private education providers at home or on campus through TAFE (Technical and Further Education) institutes.

Companies are hiring now

While it may take time to find your dream student job, the student job search process is made easier with a number of strategies and tools that you can use.

Internships, student jobs, graduate jobs and postgraduate jobs are just some of the many industries hiring student employees right out of school. If you’re in need of extra income while completing your degree, student jobs offer the perfect opportunity to earn during term breaks or over summer vacation. With such a wide range of student job opportunities available it’s not difficult to find one that suits what you’re looking for. But if you still haven’t found your fit yet, don’t worry because there are still countless more student job options!

There is a myriad of jobs available for students, from mystery shopping roles to hospitality jobs at sporting venues of all sorts. Visit our jobs board today and let employers find you.

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Last Updated: Thursday September 16 2021
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