Students and Graduates Change Career Plans Due to Covid-19

Written by Calvin Bowers

There has been speculation on how Covid-19 will affect daily life in years to come. With substantial job losses and interrupted education, students and graduates will feel some of its most significant impacts. One unexpected side effect of the last year has been a shift in people’s career plans. This is the case for both young people and experienced workers.

A recent survey conducted by Prospects has revealed that 27% of students and graduates have changed their career plans and future goals due to the impact of the pandemic over the last 12 months. Meaning that over a quarter of people surveyed have decided to take a different career route to what they planned. All because of a change in preference or skill due to the pandemic.

It can be extremely overwhelming to try and decide which steps you want to take after education, and many young people struggle even outside of a global pandemic. However, the study also revealed that 37% of people said they are still uncertain about their future. Given that under 25’s were two and a half times more likely to lose their job in the first lockdown in March 2020, this uncertainty is to be expected.

Why has there been this shift?

The study suggested several reasons for this significant shift in career and employment plans and prospects. The main reasons include a shift in priorities due to the new-found value of our key workers. As well as a reluctance to work in industries that have suffered greatly, such as travel and tourism, and hospitality.

For many young people, hospitality was a great industry to work in as a student and graduate. It gave them the flexibility to fit around other commitments such a further study, social commitments. However, as one of the most affected industries last year, this no longer seems like a via option. This leaves many young people at a loss for what to do when they leave education.

Furthermore, recent reports of the growing number of people looking to begin a career in areas such as teaching have played a vital role throughout the pandemic. Now Teach reported last year that there had been a 70% rise in applications for teacher training. These figures could explain why many young people are choosing a different career path.

What can students and graduates do now?

If you are a student or graduate who feels uncertain about your future due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Or you suddenly feel like the career you wanted to pursue is no longer viable, there are plenty of resources site to help you find your way.

Firstly, take a look at our jobs and opportunities board, where you will find a whole range of employment options for every stage of the student and graduate experience.

We also have our graduate career path hub, which details the different paths you can take, and information about how to get there.

Finally, keep an eye on our news section, where we regularly release tips, news and guides for young people all focused on careers.

Last Updated: Wednesday October 20 2021
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