Six Companies That Have Opened Applications for Their Graduate Programmes.

Written by Calvin Bowers

The Covid-19 pandemic means that many companies had to either cancel, postpone or transform their graduate programmes for 2020. Whole schemes have gone online, and graduates are having to get used to a whole new way of working. Now, companies are looking ahead to 2021. While we still don’t have a clear picture of where the world will be in the new year, many companies are excited to get the ball rolling for 2021 and find their latest intake of graduates.

We have put together a list of six companies that have opened their applications and are looking for graduates for their new programmes. Most of these graduate schemes don’t begin till September 2021. Still, the lengthy recruitment process means they open the applications nice and early.

  1. FCADeveloping a Student’s featured employer

The Financial Conduct Authority are a regulatory body that works to ensure financial markets operate fairly. The FCA is looking for graduates to join their Supervision Graduate Programme. This is an amazing opportunity to put your problem solving to the test and contribute to an essential UK business. To browse alternative vacancies, including a number of exciting internship programmes, at the FCA visit the Developing a Student Opportunities Board.

  1. KMPG

KPMG is one of the big four accounting organisations. They are an international network of professional firms that provide audit and tax, legal and advisory services. They have seven different areas of business offering graduate programmes, some with more than one scheme in each. Applications are now open, and all information can be found on their website.

  1. PWC

Another of the big four accounting firms, PwC offers audit, assurance, consulting and legal services. Some of their applications have already closed, such as their Actuarial and Consulting programmes. However, they still have a range of programmes open, offering graduates the chance to train in accounting, legal services and tax. These programmes close between December and February so make sure to act quickly.

  1. Think Ahead

Graduate programmes are not just for the STEM subjects. Think Ahead is a fast-track mental health social work programme that runs over two years. It aims to find the brightest and most dedicated graduates and career changers in the UK to help make a real difference to people who suffer from mental health problems. Their applications have been open since September.

  1. BT

BT is a world-leading British telecommunications company. Their services are essential to our lives and keep the country running smoothly. They have opportunities for graduates in every area of their business. Applications are now open for Applied Research, Digital Experience, Sales and Software Engineering.

  1. Teach First

One of the UK’s most well-known and popular graduate programmes is Teach First. It’s a two-year intensive teacher training programme that aims to create a fairer education system by putting resources into schools that need them most. Teach First is a competitive scheme which offers many benefits to its participants. Applications for 2021 are now open, and places are rapidly filling up.


If you are a student or graduate looking for jobs, take a look at Developing a Student’s opportunities board. We have some new and exciting graduate programmes and summer internships on there with closing dates approaching.

For more information on careers, visit our Graduate Careers Hub to discover a whole range of industries. Or if you are struggling to find work, have a read of our advice for coping with graduate unemployment.

Last Updated: Saturday November 27 2021
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