Managing a part time job at uni

Written by Calvin Bowers

A Part-time job is a great way to earn yourself some extra money whilst at university. Furthermore, landing yourself a role, whatever it may be will add to your work experience and help to develop those all-important transferable skills.

So firstly, how do you find a job?

There will no doubt be plenty of competition when it comes to finding yourself a part-time student job. This means it is essential that you stand out in comparison to other potential candidates.

1. Make sure to have a superb CV

It’s important that you really sell yourself on your CV no matter what job you are applying for. It is beneficial to have a few CVs tailored to different roles, as this will demonstrate your commitment when applying for a job. Employers will be looking for skills that match up to the ones they are looking for, so making it easy for them to see how your previous experience is applicable should get you off to a great start.

2. Try looking for a job before the semester begins

The start of a semester will be prime job-hunting time for students who are returning to university after a break away. If you are able to start the process before most other students return, you may find yourself competing against less candidates. If you can secure an interview before term begins, the likelihood is if you are successful you will be able to start work straight away, building up those extra pennies early!

3. Be honest with the hours you can work in the interview

Employers who hire students will understand you will probably have quite a busy schedule, but it is still important that you are transparent about your availability. There’s no point in saying you will be free more often than in reality as this could frustrate employers after they have given you the job. If you tend to go home once a month or in the holidays, it is also important to state this so the employer can prepare any extra staff if needed.

Once you have a job, how do you balance work and study?

Juggling a part-time job alongside studying is no easy task. It is important that you leave enough time to complete your studies, so don’t over commit to longer working hours than you can manage.

Make sure you are aware of when your exams and assessments will be so you can arrange some time off to prepare and revise.

It is important that work doesn’t interfere with your lectures and seminars. At the end of the day you are paying for this education, so you don’t want to miss it and fall behind as a result.

Working and studying will no doubt take up a big chunk of your time, therefore it is essential to take some time for yourself. Whether that’s meeting up with friends, or just having a quiet takeaway at home, it’s important to keep yourself sane!

If you are struggling remember you can always talk to your employer or university. They will be able to provide some support and guidance with your best interests in mind. If you are ever worried that you need more time to study but can’t afford to leave your job, many universities provide financial support if you can prove your essential costs are greater than your income.

Last Updated: Friday October 9 2020
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