Jobs for Undergraduates

Written by Calvin Bowers

Having a part-time job at university is a great way to keep busy, earn extra money, and meet new people. While it may feel daunting taking on additional responsibility, they are so many flexible jobs for undergraduates that can suit your schedule.

The kinds of part-time jobs that best suit undergraduate students are those with a flexible schedule; you may have classes one week that you don’t have the next. Naturally, your workload will fluctuate throughout the year, meaning the greater opportunities for flexibility, the better.

Where to find jobs for undergraduates? 

One great way to find part-time and casual work is to talk to the people around you. Ask your friends, tutors and community groups if they know of any opportunities for students, they might need an extra pair of hands.


Other places to look for part-time jobs for students include social media platform, jobs boards, and newsletters.

If you aren’t motivated to take on a part-time job for financial reasons but want to expand your social circle and learn some new skills, you could think about volunteering. Whatever your skills and interests are, you can use them to help others through volunteering. If you are particularly sporty, you could help out at a local sports team for children. If you love cooking, you could lend your skills to a community kitchen. Volunteering opportunities are usually listed on a centralised website for your local area, or drop into some venues that might need help and introduce yourself.

Five jobs for undergraduates

  • Students union

A great place to work as an undergraduate is the student’s union. It’s a sociable and fun environment full of other students, so working won’t always feel like a chore. As part of the university, they will understand your commitments to assignments and classes.

  • Jobs at the university

As well as the union, there is a whole range of part-time jobs for undergraduates across the university. You could work at one of the campus cafes, for an administration team, in the fundraising department or as part of the library staff. The

  • Cafes and bars

If you would prefer to work off-campus, but are still looking to work in a sociable environment with other young people, cafes and bars are a great option. The shifts tend to be shorter, and as they are open evenings and weekends, there will be plenty of flexibility with hours.

  • Retail

Hospitality isn’t for everyone, so why not try a local shop. If you wanted to gain some work experience relevant to your career path, you could find a shop related to something you are interested in. Such as a bookshop if you want to work in publishing. Or a health food shop if you are passionate about nutrition.

  • Childcare. 

Another great flexible option, which might also be good work experience for various careers, is babysitting and childcare. Given parents working schedules, the work might be predominantly after school. This would be ideal for a student who had busy days at university.

If you are interested in working as a student, look at our opportunities board for several internships and student placements.


Last Updated: Wednesday October 20 2021
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