How to Find a Degree Apprenticeship

Written by Calvin Bowers

degree apprenticeship combines academic learning with paid work. Just like other apprenticeships, they are a way to train for a qualification, whilst being a full-time employee of an organisation; in this case, the qualification is a degree. They are is a partnership between a university and an employer. The university provides the academic training and the employer offers the role.

More and more students are choosing to begin a degree apprenticeship. They are often favoured by those students who have a career trajectory in mind. As well as those whose desired industry benefits from both hands-on training and academic knowledge. They are a relatively new venture for vocational higher education. They are co-designed by employers to ensure that students have the necessary skills that are often lacking in graduates. The government launched the first degree apprenticeships in 2015 in industries such as digital, engineering, construction and banking.

Degree apprentices do not pay any tuition fees. They will earn at least the apprenticeship minimum wage from their employer, which makes it an extremely appealing option from a financial standpoint. They are helping more people to go to university without the barrier of life-time debt.

Knowing where to look and find degree apprenticeships is essential, as the process is slightly different from standard undergraduate degrees. Given that they are a partnership qualification, there are a few different places you can find degree apprenticeships.

Where to find a degree apprenticeship

Jobs boards.

Degree apprentices are employed as full-time staff with an organisation, which means that you can search for degree apprenticeships like you would any other job. Start by having a look at Developing a Student’s opportunities board, where you can find a range of degree apprenticeships listed, such as PwC and the University of Birmingham’s Flying Start Technology Degree Apprenticeship.

On many of the most popular jobs boards, you can filter for opportunities such as degree apprenticeships. These listings will then often redirect you to the business or university website where you can find out more information.


University websites and UCAS


Just as you can find degree apprenticeships on jobs sites, you can also search for them how you would a standard degree, on university websites. Many UK universities are expanding their work and partnerships with businesses to help to close the growing skills gap present in graduates. Some university websites have a dedication section where you can browse the different subjects and academic areas which offer degree apprenticeships.

You can also search for degree apprenticeships via UCAS. This is an excellent option because the listings usually show both the instituting and the employer offering the programme.


Employer websites

If there is a company that you know you want to work for, such as Sky, you should have a look at their early careers web pages. Many of the larger corporate businesses in the UK are expanding their careers options to degree apprenticeships. On their website, you can find out which universities they are partnering with and what the trajectory of the programme is.

Please note that while you can find degree apprenticeships in a range of places, each apprenticeship you find will give a specified route to apply. This might be through UCAS, the employer, or the university website.

Last Updated: Sunday November 28 2021
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