Graduate Jobs: The Education Sector

Written by Calvin Bowers

The education sector is a vast and diverse industry; it covers any role that involves teaching or educational support to people of all ages. In this article, we will shine a light on the industry and take a look at some of the different roles in education.

Why work in education? 

Working in education is a rewarding and fulfilling career for people who enjoy working with others and sharing ideas. Education is an excellent career as employees know they are investing in future generations. In fact, many people begin a career in education because they feel passionate about promoting access to education. They work to ensure that everyone has the chance to learn and develop. There is a myriad of teaching opportunities that enable you to work with children of all backgrounds and abilities.

Five jobs in education: 

School Teacher 

The most common job in education is working as a primary or secondary school teacher. Secondary school teachers usually specialise in a particular subject and teach classes on that subject. Whereas primary school teachers have one class they teach a range of subjects. Being a school teacher is excellent if you want to be part of a community and work with other teachers.

You can train to be a teacher via a postgraduate qualification called a PGCE at many universities across the UK or via graduate programmes such as Teach First.

Special Educational Needs (SEN) Teacher

SEN teachers work with students who have additional learning or educational needs. This is a challenging yet extremely rewarding career. You will support students who face barriers to education and help students of any ability to achieve in school. SEN teachers might work in a mainstream school supporting students who need additional help or in a special needs school or referral unit.

Educational Psychologist 

An educational psychologist helps children and young people overcome psychological challenges, which are inhibiting them from succeeding in school or education. You may be working with people who have a complex range of emotional and learning difficulties. Part of your job would be to assess the needs of different children and liaise with their parents, school, social workers or anyone else taking care of the child.

Careers Advisor

Careers advisors play an essential role in assisting students in the transition from education into the world of work. You will be responsible for helping students work out their strengths, interests and skills, and connecting these with possible careers opportunities. Careers advisors may work one on one with students or carry out group sessions.

Universities, schools and colleges all usually have some kind of careers department to assist their students.

University Admissions 

Working as part of a university admissions team means that you are responsible for deciding who gets a place at a university on a particular course. As well as this, you are a point of contact for prospective students and parents who may have a range of questions and concerns about the university in general and the admissions process. You will read applications and assess the student’s abilities. And you may also be involved in promotional events such as open days.

If a graduate career in education interests you, keep an eye on our opportunities board. We regularly update it with jobs from a variety of industries and sectors, including education.

Last Updated: Monday March 8 2021
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