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Written by Calvin Bowers

Ever wondered what you can do with a law degree?

Welcome to our ‘Degrees in’ series, where we take a look at different undergraduate subjects. We will be bringing articles on a whole range of subjects and courses, some you may have heard of and others you won’t have considered. You can find information about the subject, why to study it, the career paths available and more. Today we are focusing on the undergraduate subject, Law.

What is a Law degree?

Law is simply the study of our legal system and laws. It encompasses everything from the history of laws, their practical application and how they affect our everyday lives. Laws are all around us, and they shape what we can and cannot do every day. Studying Law is a way better to understand the way our government and society functions.

There are a few different types of Law degrees that contain different content and can lead to different jobs and careers. The most common types of Law degree is LLB’s. An LLB is a Bachelor of Law, the type of degree you would study if you want to practice law. During an LLB, you learn all the knowledge and skills you need to work in Law. On the other hand, there are BA’s in Law which focus more on Law as an academic subject. A BA in Law treats Law as a part of your study of the arts, which means that you most likely will cover other subjects as well as Law. It is important to note that a BA in Law does not count as a qualifying law degree. This doesn’t mean you cannot practice law at all; it simply means you will have to do a further qualification.

Why study a Law degree?

As well as gaining all the legal skills you need to practice law and understand our legal system, Law also develops many vital skills relevant for a whole host of jobs. Law students tend to be very good at analysing and interpreting data and documents, which is essential for many jobs. You will also learn how to problem-solve and explain complicated subjects and ideas.

Many students choose to study Law because they want to go on to work in Law. Being a lawyer or barrister is a highly regarded career that can be extremely rewarding while also paying well. Given the many different types of Law, the subject covers various topics and ideas, from family to economics, land and property and human rights. This makes it an appealing subject to study, as there are many different paths you could take.

Careers in Law

If you want to use your Law degree to work directly in Law, a few different options are available to you. Most popularly, people with a law degree go on to become a solicitor or a barrister. A solicitor is a legal practitioner who advises private clients based on their legal expertise, for example, family law or property law. A solicitor may also advocate for their client and represent them in a legal discussion. Alternately, barristers do a lot of their work in the courtroom, representing their clients in a trial or hearing. Barristers are often responsible for taking a case to court and providing the necessary advice to do so.

Other common careers outside of Law include accountancy and finance, science and technology and health and social care.

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Last Updated: Monday March 22 2021
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