Business Degree Apprenticeships

Written by Calvin Bowers

A popular career route into business is via a business degree apprenticeships. due to the combination of knowledge, skills and practical experience needed to succeed.

What do we mean by business? 

Many people work in the business sector without even realising. In short, business is the process of engaging in commercial and industrial activities. Most commonly by producing, buying or selling a product of some sort. Business encompasses a whole range of skills and fields such as accountancy, finance, PR, marketing, human resources, organisation and information technology.

There are many different career routes you can take in business, depending on where your strengths and interests lie. For example, suppose you are a creative person, you may want to work on the marketing, advertising and product development side of a business. Suppose you are an analytical person who enjoys problem-solving. In that case, you may be better suited to the accounting and logistics end.

What is a business degree apprenticeship? 

One great route into business is by doing a business degree apprenticeship. This means that you spend 80% of your time working in a business role, and 20% of your time off-the-job training. The apprenticeship degree refers to its level. A degree apprenticeship is a level 6 or 7 qualification, equivalent to an undergraduate or postgraduate university degree. This means that off-the-job training is taught at a university or higher education college.

What will I learn on a business degree apprenticeship? 

On a business degree apprenticeship course, you will work towards a degree qualification in business and management. The content of the apprenticeship will depend on what kind of apprenticeship you choose. You may choose to specialise in an area of business that you know suits you, such as financial services. In this case, you would learn about the specific skills needed to do the job like numeracy and accounting skills, data analysis and information processing.

You may choose to complete a broader business degree apprenticeship. In this case, you would cover all the relevant skills and activities related to business. You would also most likely work in different areas of a business on a rotational basis. Your training content may cover sales and marketing, procurement, project management, commercial and finance.

Where can I study a business degree apprenticeship? 

You can search for degree apprenticeships in the same way you would both an ordinary degree and a regular job: on jobs boards, on university or higher education websites and company websites.

We have collated our top three business degree apprenticeships for you to browse:

Technology Degree Apprenticeship with PwC and University of Leeds

This apprenticeship lasts four years and will fast track you into a career in technology. You will study and practice in a range of areas including cybersecurity, data analysis, consulting and artificial intelligence.

Financial Services Degree Apprenticeship with Mercedes-Benz and Birmingham City University

On this course, you will spend three years on rotational placements within Mercedes-Benz. You will cover all the essential elements of financial services and will be involved in the day to day running of the business.

Bank of England Degree Apprenticeship

Get a foot straight in the door with one of the most prolific financial organisations in the world. The Bank of England oversees the country’s entire financial system and ensures it’s smooth running at all times. The programme starts with a formal introduction to the various business areas and then moves on to your chosen specialism.

Last Updated: Wednesday October 20 2021
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