What Early Careers Opportunities Can You Advertise with Us?

Written by Calvin Bowers

Do you want to advertise your early careers opportunities with us? We deliberately chose to name our jobs board the Opportunities Board because we know that jobs come in all shapes and sizes. Here at Developing a Student, we believe in supporting students at every stage of the student experience; from leaving school through education and graduation. This means we need a jobs board that can advertise a range of opportunities suitable for those just starting their careers.

Types of early careers opportunities 

When posting a job to our opportunities board, you can click to tag it with different labels, making it even easier for students and graduates to find what they are looking for. Some of the labels include:

Graduate schemes and programmes 

This is possibly the most popular and well-known student and graduate job opportunity. Many of the UK’s largest companies have a separate graduate programme for recently left university graduates. Much of our content and resources focus on the transition from university into the world of work, making our site the perfect home for your graduate programmes.


We know that many companies can’t take on a whole group of early careers candidates for training and development in the form of a full-time job but can offer them a short-term placement in the form of an internship. Here at Developing a Student, we believe all internships should be paid, allowing a more diverse group of young people to access the opportunity.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships 

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership is a government scheme aimed at improving business growth and development. It is a three-way partnership between a UK business, a ‘knowledge base’ such as a university or training centre, and a graduate. The graduate will get the opportunity to work on a cutting-edge project and provide key educational input.

Work Experience 

Similarly to internships, many businesses want to provide a helping hand to young people through work experience. This could be a formal, annual programme in which your business takes on a cohort of young people or a one-off placement in a new project. Work experience is an extremely valuable tool for young people and is often the first step to finding their career.

Work programmes

Some businesses are beginning to offer moretargeted work programmes. In order to support those young people who are most disadvantaged in that industry. For example, your business may offer a week-long training programme for young women to help encourage more gender diversity. Or you may offer a programme for BAME graduates looking to break into your industry.

Standard jobs 

Of course, our opportunities board also caters to standard, entry-level jobs. We can showcase any job that you think is suitable for students and graduates. When posting a job, you can tag whether the job is full-time or part-time and whether it’s fixed-term.

To post any of these opportunities on our board, you will need a job credit. One credit allows you to post one job. You can explore our pricing and packages on our services page.

Last Updated: Wednesday October 20 2021
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