Top Ten Jobs for Students

Written by Zoe Cresswell

When you’re a student, your time is limited and valuable. You don’t have much to spare for jobs that will not help you pay the bills. It can be hard to find a job that fits your tight schedule, but we’ve done the work for you! In this article, we’ll share with you our top ten list of jobs perfect for students. 

Student Brand ambassador 

Many reasons make student brand ambassador jobs perfect for students. First of all, most companies will hire you part-time to work around your schedule. Second, the job is often fun and rewarding because you get to promote great products engagingly. Finally, this type of position can lead directly into a career path in marketing and sales. 

Pet sitter  

Another excellent student job is as a pet sitter. Before you start worrying about pay, consider the benefits of this job type. For one thing, it’s flexible and easy to fit into any schedule that doesn’t already include a full class load or a demanding extracurricular activity schedule. The other benefit? You get paid to hang out with a cute pet! 

Shop or bar staff 

If you’re looking for a student job that will let you socialise and make some cash, shop or bar staff jobs might be perfect for you. Depending on the type of establishment, these positions can pay well and give flexible hours. If you’re looking for extra cash for Christmas, these jobs often offer temporary, seasonal work ideal for students too. 

Resident assistant  

Another student job that lends itself to the university lifestyle is the resident assistant. This position requires you to live on campus at a university and act as a supervisor if students have any problems with their accommodation. It might not seem ideal to have to live at work, but it’s not too difficult, can pay quite well and offers fantastic benefits for students looking for opportunities in their field of study. 

Personal Tutor 

Tutoring jobs are ideal for students because they allow you to work independently and as part of a team. Not only will you be helping others and making cash, but you’ll also be developing your knowledge and skills at the same time. If you’re tutoring other students from the same institution, you’re likely to have access to all of your university resources to help too. 


Another excellent student job is babysitting. This type of position can be flexible and easy to fit into any schedule, doesn’t require a lot of training or experience and pays well once you get the hang of it. Students who are good at childcare often find their services in high demand! 

Film or TV extras 

You don’t actually need any qualifications to become an extra – just a good work ethic and a patient attitude! The hours can be pretty long, and you’ll often be asked to work at relatively short notice, but depending on the job, you could be earning well over £80 a day. Working as an extra can offer great exposure to your chosen career path, and it’s incredibly convenient because you get paid even if they don’t use your footage! 

Work for your university 

Jobs at student unions are an obvious choice as you’ll get to see your friends while you earn some money, but these aren’t the only roles that universities offer students.  

Most universities hire students to call up alumni and ask for donations; whilst it may not be the best job in the world, it does tend to pay quite well, plus your university will make sure to accommodate your timetable.  

If that’s not for you, you could try a job as a student ambassador; you might be required to visit schools and speak to the general public about how great your uni is to bring in new students. These positions are paid and tend to be flexible so that you can work around your timetable and deadlines. 


If you’ve got some free time outside of your studies and you want to make some extra cash – why not try freelancing? You can work as much or as little as suits your schedule, meaning that there’s no such thing as overtime! You can freelance in almost anything, and people often find students to be good options as they’ll be cheaper than a qualified professional but often have the same skills. 

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Last Updated: Wednesday December 8 2021
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