One in Five University Students Haven’t Receive Sufficient Careers Advice

Written by Calvin Bowers

A recent UCAS report found that one in five university students did not take the right subjects at school to study the university degree of their choice. UCAS reported that many schools do not give robust and comprehensive careers advice early enough in student’s education. And because of this, they didn’t know what they needed to study to achieve a particular degree.

Here at Developing a Student, we first and foremost are careers advice for all students and graduates. We believe that all students deserve free access to careers information from long before thinking about further and higher education. Our website brings together information about university, careers, school subjects, A-levels and other qualifications, and much more. In this blog, we will be picking out our top careers resources from across our site. To ensure that fewer young people feel poorly prepared for university.

What do we know?

As well as finding that one in five students were unable to study the right subjects for a specific degree, the UCAS study also found that 2 in five university students said they would have made better choices about their degree had they had more information and support from school. Furthermore, they found this number to be higher in more disadvantaged students.  Suggesting that students from more privileged families were introduced to university at a much younger age.

As part of their ‘What’s Next?’ report, UCAS concluded that for more students to access higher education and precisely the correct higher education qualification, careers advice needs to be introduced much earlier than it currently is.

While it’s essential not to overwhelm students and young people with information about the future, students must understand how their choices will affect the career and educational path. For example, the report found that this problem was most prevalent in medicine, maths and languages. All of which require specific subjects at GCSE and A-Level, to study at university.

Developing a Student Careers Advice

To help tackle to problem of insufficient careers advice, we have picked out our top careers resources from the Developing a Student website. Keep an eye on our social media channels where we continue to share new resources, guidance and jobs!

This section of our website has taken over 20 career paths, including teaching, healthcare, art and design and media, and broken down all the different ways you can access that career. While the tool aims to support those who have either graduated or are looking ahead to graduation, it is also highly beneficial for anybody who wants to work out where a subject could take them. Or for somebody who has a career in mind but doesn’t know what they need to study to get there.

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If there are any other careers topics you would love for us to cover, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Finally, we support students and graduates to find a career path that is right for them by connecting them to real-life job opportunities. You can find jobs for every stage of the student experience on our jobs board, from placements and internships to graduate-level roles. Head to our jobs board now to start searching.

If you are a parent or carer reading this, looking to support your child with careers advice, then head to our dedicated guides for parents and carers.

Last Updated: Wednesday October 20 2021
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