Applicants for this program must be authorized to work for any employer in the US. We are unable to provide current or future sponsorship.

Volvo Group Operations Graduate Program
If you are up for the challenge of developing the next generation of production plants and want to be a part of the innovative world of Volvo Group, this is the graduate program for you!
During 15 intense and exciting months, the program will give you a holistic view of the Volvo Group’s global truck manufacturing organization. You will get to know our different brands and their plants and learn about our logistics organizations and activities. You will take a deep dive into some specific areas of our business such as manufacturing, health and safety, quality, and continuous improvements, while also learning about the end-to-end supply chain, aftermarket parts, and our remanufacturing operations.

In parallel, you will grow as a person, through individual and team development sessions. You will have a permanent position from day one, with a manager and mentor to support you. You will experience several “on-the-job” rotations and have the opportunity to work on real project assignments. In addition, you will join a number of learning modules where you get together with other program participants to take part in training and events designed to help you grow into your future career at the Volvo Group.

Our organization:

We know deciding where to work is a major life decision. At Volvo, we take managing our talent as seriously as we take managing our business. We encourage you to learn more about Volvo, our strong culture, core values, passion for making the world a better place around us, and our push for innovation towards the future. If you find that you share these same beliefs, we encourage you to discover the job opportunities that we have available for you!

What to learn more about Hagerstown? We work cross-functionally and globally to exceed our customer’s expectations and reach the world-class manufacturing level. We have exciting work in front of us, and more on the horizon. The automotive world is changing rapidly and to be part of this big change is an exciting movement. Growth and countless career opportunities await those who are willing to join our team on this challenging journey.

We are the Heart and We keep the Heart beating. We have recently begun production of electric driveline components in addition to developing and producing heavy-duty diesel engines, transmissions, and axles for Volvo Group Brands. In operation since 1961, we are a proud supportive member of the community of Washington County and its surrounding areas.

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This is us, your new team: 
Our team is made up of a dynamic and diverse group of engineers striving to do our best to continuously improve the products and processes that we support in Hagerstown. We collectively focus on the Industry 4.0 journey in front of us through automation and digitalization. We are committed to making Volvo more competitive through unique and creative solutions. We build on each other’s contributions and collaborate to make great things possible. 

We are actively working to establish groups that will take advantage of the strength inherent in the differences in knowledge, experience, age, gender, and nationality, etc. We find that a well-balanced working group positively increases the group dynamics, creativity, and innovative approached to solutions. We are nonstop working to create a work community based on trust and open dialogue. Most importantly, we love where we work, we enjoy each other, and we cannot wait to welcome a new team member!

Main activities and responsibilities:

  • Focus on ensuring machining processes are developed and secured with the overall goal of aligning with the global methods and taking ownership for safety, quality, delivery, and cost of the processes they are involved in.
  • Provide leadership and guidance across departments in their area of knowledge and specialization connected to the manufacturing process and ways of working. This includes driving the site’s capability to analyze results and evolve the systems currently being used.
  • Foster a continuous improvement culture and mindset focused on waste elimination, employee engagement, and application of lean theory and methodology.
  • Focus on the future of engineering solutions, including connections to electromobility and machining of gears and shafts components, with considerations of cost and flexibility for product and volume changes.
  • Who are you?

    First and foremost, you are passionate about what you do and always aim to do your best. You are eager to learn and try new things and willing to color outside the lines and highlight a fresh perspective to those around you. You are a leader among peers and raise your voice with ideas or suggestions. Leadership comes naturally to you and you enjoy taking lead with a project or a group of people. You understand the value of diversity and inclusion in every aspect of life and how it enables a team’s success. You have an aspiration to want to be the best, to step out and be at the forefront. You recognize the importance of positive working relationships and excellent communication skills to reach the success level needed, believing that collaboration is the best way forward. You are strategic in how you use a combination of both your technical skills and your people skills to accomplish your goals.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering
  • Formal or informal experience in leadership roles.
  • Maximum two years of previous working experience, before or after graduation.
  • Communicative team player with the ambition to develop both yourself and the business that you are working in.
  • Growth Mindset, Flexible, Positive attitude, Energetic, self-motivated
  • For specific questions about this position, please email [email protected]

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