Market Intelligence (MI) provides critical data and insight to global asset managers, insurance companies and distributors to help them make informed, strategic decisions to manage and grow their business. Through its combination of proprietary and integrated datasets, in-depth global research and trusted executive engagement, ISS MI delivers solutions for market sizing, competitor benchmarking, product strategy and opportunity identification across a wide range of financial products including funds, annuities, insurance, mortgages, and other instruments.The ISS MI solutions include the industry-leading data platforms Simfund, BrightScope, Local Market Share, and Financial Clarity, as well a full collection of global research and analytics services including Investor Economics, Market Metrics, and Plan for Life.


  • Developing and maintaining the company’s data analytic software: Financial Clarity and Mortgage Clarity
  • Working with other developers and the Product team to design BI reports and dashboards
  • Ensuring all development is completed to the required quality and coding standards, testing procedures and departmental processes
  • Requirements

  • Computer Science Degree or related subject
  • Ability to demonstrate familiarity with one or more of the following, and willingness to learn others:
  • HTML



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