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    Graduate Marketing Engineer

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    When it comes to Careers in Nexperia, Efficiency Wins.

    We have a common belief that if you are on “Team Nexperia” you are here for a very good reason. Your competence and ability are valued. Your skills and expertise are needed to make us successful. You are qualified to be on our team.
    We also believe that career development is achieved through the drive and energy of the individual married with the opportunities which come from a challenging and exciting work environment.
    Competent, bright and skilled people will find their own way in Nexperia. There are plenty of opportunities to shine and we ask you to step up and challenge yourself to get the best results you possibly can. We value people with energy who deliver results and we challenge them with bigger, broader opportunities.
    In simple terms, we believe you drive your own career. A career which is likely to emerge through time rather than be planned from day one. Our “Team Nexperia” is full of Competent, Bright and Skilled people who have emerged as technical, functional and people leaders through delivering results and taking opportunities as they arose.
    To support this belief, we have career structures. Not heavy criteria based structures, but simple and efficient guidelines which define expectations of behaviour and impact.
    We are a technology company with a high proportion of engineers at all levels. It’s therefore important that we recognise technical competence and the impact it has on our business. Our “Technical Career Ladder” defines career development, running parallel with Functional & Business Leadership.

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